Indoor LED Video Wall Solution


Indoor LED Video Wall Solution 

Indoor LED video wall is usually featured with fairly high brightness. Due to its scalable size which is only limited by the interior space, it gradually   becomes the major medium in shopping mall, airport, cinema,theatre and many   tremendous venues. Huge interior LED video wall can easily deliver advertisement and information to more people compared to even a 100” LCD screen. And    extraordinary color depth and high brightness ensure that the original visual on it will be not influenced by the fine interior illumination. 

Here are some features of it, for you to figure out whether the indoor LED    video wall solution will be your best choice. If you have any other idea or question about it, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Indoor LED Video Wall Solution1.jpg

High definition image quality available. For interior application, high definition LED video wall is necessary for close distance viewing.

Real time control available. The accurate cut in/out of videos on the video wall in sport venue and live broadcasting studio is quite important.

Feasible and easy to switch amid different video feed sources. You can use whatever video output devices you like to deliver the commerial video or text message onto the LED video wall.

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