Outdoor LED Billboard Solution


Outdoor LED Billboard Solution

Outdoor advertising LED billboard has been brought to a lot of urban cities   all around the world. Compared to traditional printed advertising billboard,  LED display billboard's motion graphic commercials can deliver more vivid     content to viewers. Undoubtedly it can much more efficiently increase the ROI, because it can easily schedule a considerable amount of commercial videos from many different local customers, way better than printed billboard with only   one customer's advertisement for each period. 

Here are a few main features of outdoor LED advertising billboard solution,   you can refer to them and we also appreciate that you can share your own ideas about the solution with us, please don't hesitate to contact us: 


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Robust cabinet frame and weather-proof components ensure the LED billboard's extraordinary durability.

Wireless communication via 3G network makes it easy to control the screen, update and manage the content of commerical videos from your customers.

 Wired synchronous control options are alternatives for you.

High luminance delivered by all LEDs present finest visual to viewers even under strong sunlight. Sharp image quality will effectively grab the 

viewers' attention and make deep impression on them.

Reference of solution diagram

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