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  • SMD Outdoor Fixed LED Display 4-20mm

Name:SMD Outdoor Fixed LED Display 4-20mm
Application:Outdoor Fixed installation


 SMD Outdoor Fixed LED Display 

The Outdoor SMD LED Display is easy to move, install and maintain, so it saves the labor and time costs. Highly applicable for bank, promotion, exhibition, highway, station, KTV, stadium, airport and other outdoor places.

 Unique Cabinet Design - Easy to Install & Transport

The cabinet of SMD LED Screen features unique rugged design which makes it easy to carry and install. The lightweight cabinet is easy to carry and saves transportation cost. It's damage free and lasts for a lifetime. Pick out from different standard colors of cabinets.

★ Light and convenient handle

Thinner and lighter than the traditional cabinet, over 20% lighter than other supplier.

★ Better Protection

The Outdoor SMD LED display features a Front IP65 waterproof grade which protects the display from any damage. A dedicated guard prevents the screen from any damage and environmental effects. The screen will remain harmless in every condition and in every weather.

★ Good heat dissipation effect, long lifespan

Optimize the cooling system, dual-channel cooling design, low attenuation, long service life.

★ Brand Names you can Trust

We purchase the chips, ICs and material from the most renowned vendors like Cree (USA), Nichia (Japan), Epistar, MBI,PWM and MingYang. Best quality material is used to manufacture the products. Extra care is taken while assembling the products. So you can always trust the quality of this product.

★ High Refresh Rate And High Gray Scale

The Outdoor Advertising is manufactured by using best quality material, purchased from most reputed vendors. The final products feature supreme quality and offers best outputs. High refresh rate and gray scale ensures the picture quality remains seamless.

★ Featured quality materials

High-quality raw materials, mature technology, large-scale production ensure stable and reliable quality.

 Fast and easy install

Accurate, fast, flexible positioning installation, can effectively deal with different installation environment.

■Technical Parameters

ItemPart Number  OS-P4OS-P5OS-P6OS-P8OS-P10OS-P16OS-P20
LEDPixel   Pitch((W/H) ) (mm)4568101620
Pixel Density (px/sqm)62500px/sqm40000px/sqm27777px/sqm15625px/sqm10000px/sqm3906px/sqm2500px/sqm
The LED typeSMD2525SMD2727SMD3535SMD3535SMD3535SMD3535SMD3535
Unit    ModuleUnit  Module    size (WxHxD)mm256×128x15mm160×160x15mm192×192x15mm256×128x15mm320×160x20mm256×256x25mm320×160x25mm
Module resolution64*32 px32*32 px32*32 px32*16 px32*16 px16*16 px16*8 px
Driver mode 1/8san 1/8san 1/8san 1/4san  1/2sanStatic  Static  
Mask Material90%plastic+10% fiber90%plastic+10% fiber
Module current    (w/pcs)36w/pcs36w/pcs36w/pcs36w/pcs36w/pcs10w/pcs25.6w/pcs
Module Weight (Kg/pcs)    0.33kg/pcs0.27kg/pcs0.37kg/pcs0.32kg/pcs0.5kg/pcs0.8kg/pcs0.8kg/pcs
CabinetCabinet   Size(WxHxD) (mm) (customizable)              512x512x140mm   Customizable640x640x140mm  Customizable960x960x140mm  Customizable1024x768x140mm  Customizable960x800x140mm   Customizable1024x1204x145     mm     Customizable960x960x145mm  Customizable
Cabinet Resolution (px)128*128   px128*128   px160*160   px128*96   px96*80px64*64px48*48px
Cabinet MaterialAluminumAluminumSteel /AluminumSteel /AluminumSteel /AluminumSteel /AluminumSteel /Aluminum
Cabinet Weight ( kg/m²)35 kg/m²35 kg/m²40  kg/m²40  kg/m²40  kg/m²45 kg/m²45 kg/m²
Concave (customizable)   Max.10°  Max.10°  Max.10°  Max.15°  Max.15°  Max.15°  Max.15°  
Maintenance ModeRear Rear Rear Rear Rear Front/RearFront/Rear
Opto.Brightness   (CD/m² )5000CD/m²5000CD/m²5500CD/m²6000CD/m²6000CD/m²2000~6000CD/m²2000~6000CD/m²
ViewingAngle(H/V) (°)140°/120°140°/120°140°/120°140°/120°140°/120°140°/120°140°/120°
RefreshFrequency (Hz)1920 Hz1920 Hz1920 Hz1920 Hz1920 Hz1920 Hz1920 Hz
Gray Scale(bit)12~16bit
Display Color281Billion
Brightness adjustment256grade
Uniformity correctionBrightness + calibratioty
Control systemControl   ModeSynchronization display with control PC by DVI
Support video InputRF, Composite Video, S-Video, DVI, CATV ect
Frame Frequency50~60Hz
Control DistanceHSYV:100m; SMF:20KM
Power supply Power   supply (Input)AC 90~264V 50/60HZ
Max.Power Consumption (W/m²)1100W/m²950W/m²660W/m²640W/m²1000W/m²400W/m²400W/m²
Avx.Power    Consumption (W/m²)500W/m²400W/m²310W/m²300W/m²400W/m²150W/m²200W/m²
Reliability Operating   Temperature - 20℃~+60℃
Operating Humidity10~95% RH
Lifetime (hr)           100,000
MTBF(hr)   20,000
Protection LevelMoistureproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion,   anti-static, lightning protection, over current&short   circuit&overvoltage&undervoltage protection function
IP Rating IP65
CertificationsCE, ETL, FCC,CCC


The SMD Outdoor Fixed LED Display can be used for many purposes and at many places. It can be used for advertisement, banner display, demonstration, video displays, educational purposes and much more. You may use it at outdoor areas like highways, streets, malls, stages, stadium and at many more outdoor places


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