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  • DIP Outdoor Fixed LED Display 10-20mm

Name:DIP Outdoor Fixed LED Display 10-20mm
Pitch:10mm 丨16mm丨20mm
Application:Outdoor Fixed installation


◆ DIP Outdoor Fixed LED Display

The advanced assembled structure produces seamless display and visual effects, offering you the perfect visual performance you desire from your LED display. The display can be used at banks, outdoor stages, concert halls, station, summit rooms, exhibition and theatres etc.

★ Standard Cabinet Dimensions

The cabinet of Large Advertising LED Screen features unique rugged design which makes it easy to carry and install. The lightweight cabinet is easy to carry and saves transportation cost. It's damage free and lasts for a lifetime. Pick out from different standard colors of cabinets.

★ Careful Product Installation

Each and every single part of the display is watchfully installed by our engineers. Also, great care is taken in material selection and product assembling. This ensure the ultimate product you get are better than your expectations.

★ Good heat dissipation effect, long lifespan

Optimize the cooling system, dual-channel cooling design, low attenuation, long service life.

★ High IP Rating IP66 - Safe and Reliable

The special waterproof design of Cheap Price LED Display protects it from water and dust. When installed in outdoor areas, protection is a serious matter. Special guard protects it from environment dangers. High IP Rating IP66 ensures great quality outputs in every condition.

★ High Brightness, Better Quality

Installing at outdoor places require the displays to produce high brightness outputs. The high brightness and high definition features of the Advertising LED Screen ensures great quality picture

★ High Refresh Rate And High Gray Scale

The Outdoor Advertising is manufactured by using best quality material, purchased from most reputed vendors. The final products feature supreme quality and offers best outputs. High refresh rate and gray scale ensures the picture quality remains seamless.

★ Featured quality materials

High-quality raw materials, mature technology, large-scale production ensure stable and reliable quality.

★ Fast and easy install

Accurate, fast, flexible positioning installation, can effectively deal with different installation environment.

■Technical Parameters

Pixel Pitch(mm)10mm16mm20mm
LED TypeDIP346(1R1G1B)DIP346(1R1G1B)DIP346(1R1G1B)
Brightness (CD/sqm)8,0007,0006,000
Pixel Density(Px/sqm)10,0003,9062,500

Viewing Angle(H/V)°

120°/ 55°

120°/ 55°120°/ 55°

Cabinet Size(WxHxD)  mm customizable




Cabinet Resolution Px


Unit Module Size (mm)160x160x30256x256x30320x160x30

Concave optional 


Max.Concave5°   CustomizableMax.Concave5°       CustomizableMax.Concave5° Customizable
Cabinet MaterialSteel/AluminumSteel/AluminumSteel/Aluminum

Cabinet Weight


50 kg/sqm50 kg/sqm45 kg/sqm
Power supply (Input)AC 90-264V 50/60HZAC 90-264V 50/60HZAC 90-264V 50/60HZ

AVx.Power/Max.PowerConsumption (W/sqm)

300/ 750 w/sqm300/ 750 w/sqm300/ 750 w/sqm
Operating Temperature(℃)- 20℃~+50℃- 20℃~+50℃- 20℃~+50℃
Operating  Humidity(℃)20%~90%RH20%~90%RH20%~90%RH


MTLF(hr)  50,00050,00050,000
IP Rating IP66IP66IP66
Color Depth (bit)12-16bit12-16bit12-16bit
Maintenance ModeFront/RearFront/RearFront/Rear




The Outdoor Advertising can be used for many purposes and at many places. It can be used for advertisement, banner display, demonstration, video displays, educational purposes and much more. You may use it at outdoor areas like highways, streets, malls, stages, stadium and at many more outdoor places.


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